Sekolah Darma Bangsa is a “Non-Secular” National Plus School of International insightful in the Lampung Province, conducting Early Education (Kindergarten) Primary Education (elementary school) and Secondary Education (junior high school and high school).

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Building lifelong learners for the 21st century who are “Smart”, “Dynamic” and “Bright”


To instill students with knowledge and skills to become creative citizens locally and globally through the dedication of caring and professional staff in an attractive, stimulating, bilingual, learner-centered, and technology-rich school environment.

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Conducts Early Education (Kindergarten) using the Montessori Method, Primary Education (elementary school) uses Cambridge and the Indonesian National Curriculum, Secondary Education (junior high school and high school) using Cambridge and the Indonesian National Curriculum. SDB offers ICAS (International Competition and Assessments for Schools) sponsored by the University of North South Wales, Australia.

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Sekolah Darma Bangsa offers modern air-conditioned classrooms, swimming pool, basketball court, playground, multi-function room, several laboratories, modern ICT labs, and WiFi to provide International academic and non-academic support for students.

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Sekolah Darma Bangsa students have been universally recognized by the Lampung province, nationally and internationally for academic and non-academic achievements. In our view all SDB students are “WINNERS”.

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Outdoor Class Room Day di SMP Darma Bangsa

Outdoor learning activities is a learning methodology which is conducted outside the class. Outdoor learning is more effective for developing cognitive skills. Learning outdoors can be enjoyable, creative, challenging and adventurous and helps children and young people learn by experience and grow as confident and responsible citizens. There are strategic objectives towards outdoor learining activities:


  1. Smarter – Outdoor learning promotes lifelong learning and develops critical thinking skills
  2. Safer and stronger – Outdoor learning activities span social divisions and can help build stronger communities. Children and young people have opportunities to develop skills to assess and manage risk when making decisions
  3. Greener – Frequent and regular outdoor learning encourages children and young people to engage with the natural and built heritage. 
  4. Wealthier and fairer – The outdoors provides excellent opportunities to use a wide range of skills and abilities not always visible in the classroom. Becoming aware of such skills can fundamentally change personal, peer and staff perceptions and lead to profound changes in life expectations and success.

There are three subject which are carried out by using outdoor learning activities, they are Art, Physic and Biology.  

There are three subject which are carried out by using outdoor learning activities, they are Art, Physic and Biology. 

a. ART

The students are going to paint with Acrylic. The theme is about “Impresionisme”. There are some things that are being prepared by nine graders students. Things that should be prepared: 

  1. Canvas
  2. Acrylic paint. There are blue marine, dark green, light green, yellow whose color is like lemon, yellow, saffron, white, dark chocolate and light chocolate.
  3. Painting brush special for acrylic paint in some sizes, such as big painting brush, small painting brush, flat painting brush and pointy painting brush.
  4. Palette or Styrofoam dishes
  5. Glass or special media to wash the painting brush
  6. Tissue 
  7. Folding table (optional)
  8. Mat (every class must prepare)


The students of eight graders will do some activities as described below:

1. The students are going to make Soda Pop Can Hero Engine. The important things are:

    • Empty soda pop can with the opener lever intact
    • Nail or ice pick
    • Fishing line
    • Bucket or tub of water

2. The students are going to pull out the tablecloth (Newton’s First Law) and quick Flick. The things should be prepared are:

    • 4 tablecloths
    • 4 jars of glass
    • Dies (small stones)
    • Sheets of paper
    • Water

3. The students are going to make balloon rocket (Newton’s Third Law).These are the things that they need:

    • Balloons
    • Kite string
    • Tape
    • Straw

4. The students are going to measure time which is inversely proportional to the acceleration. They need things such as:

    • Cars
    • Load period
    • Inclined plane

5. The students are going to test the gravity. What do they need? Let’s check:

Various objects to drop (small stones, big stones, sheet of paper, coins, ball (tennis ball), ball bearing.

The purposes of this activity are:

  1. Demonstrate how thing that falls down freely from the same height.
  2. Compare the effect of the air friction upon the free falling objects with different density.
  3. Differentiate the horizontal and vertical movement by throwing things in a horizontal way which is followed by dropping the other things.


These are the things that they should prepare:

Two samples of plants.

  • They will differentiate whether these plants are included as monocotyl or dicotyl plants. 
  • They will use plants that they can observe directly in field.
  • The students will be divided into groups to make the classification of monocotyl and dicotyl plants.


The students of seventh grader are going to deal with Math subject. They are going to study Compound and they will do Role Play Game activities.  Here, we can see that both of the teacher and the students are very enthusiastic to prepare all things that will be used in the special event. Outdoor learning activity will be conducted in today (September 7th, 2017) in Sekolah Darma Bangsa. These are the things that they should prepare:

  1. Number cards
  2. Raffia string 
  3. Leaves
  4. Paper
  5. Colorful ribbon / colorful paper.

The students of this class are going to play one of the games based on Mathematic subject. The game is Role Play. Furthermore, I will report the scenario of the Role Play game.

  1. Teacher distributes number card to the students. 
  2. Teacher will mention A-Compound group and B-Compound group.
  3. The students belongs to the member of the A-Compound group and B-Compound group must stand in front of the other students.
  4. Teacher asks both of the compound groups to join in a certain place that has been set by the teachers (raffia string is set to Venn Diagra, so that the students can sit there).
  5. All the members, who are in the set area, are the combination of the groups from A-Compound group and B-Compound group.

It is clearly that the students can be directly involved and interacted two ways with teachers. There will be communication between teachers and students, so the students will not be afraid to ask the difficulties.

The methodology :

Second step: Looking for leaves

The aim         : Define the compound

Steps :

The teacher will ask the students to find and pick the leaves based on criteria that has been said by the teacher.

  1. The students will paste in the paper based on certain criteria.
  2. The students will explain the definition of the compound.

Third Step: Playing with colorful ribbon

The aim : Enable the students to understand the concept of compound grouping based on the similarities of the compound member. 


  1. The students will prepare colorful ribbon or raffia string or colorful paper.
  2. The students will separate the ribbon randomly on the table.
  3. The students will be grouping the ribbon based on certain criteria, for example the same size, the same color, the same color and size, the same shape and size, and etc.
  4. The students will paste the ribbon compound into Venn diagram. 
  5. The students will define Venn diagram.

The fifth step:

The students will do Worksheet 1 and 2 in group


The students will learn about news. The theory of news such as how to make the introduction, the content and the closing will be taught. The integrated subject between Bahasa Indonesia and English can be seen through the way the students report it by using English. 

Well-constructed and well-planned outdoor learning helps develop the skills of enquiry, critical thinking and reflection necessary for the students to meet the social, economic and environmental challenges of life in the 21st century. Outdoor learning connects the students with the natural world, culture and society. It also encourages lifelong involvement and activity in SDB. 

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