Sekolah Darma Bangsa is a “Non-Secular” National Plus School of International insightful in the Lampung Province, conducting Early Education (Kindergarten) Primary Education (elementary school) and Secondary Education (junior high school and high school).

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Building lifelong learners for the 21st century who are “Smart”, “Dynamic” and “Bright”


To instill students with knowledge and skills to become creative citizens locally and globally through the dedication of caring and professional staff in an attractive, stimulating, bilingual, learner-centered, and technology-rich school environment.

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Conducts Early Education (Kindergarten) using the Montessori Method, Primary Education (elementary school) uses Cambridge and the Indonesian National Curriculum, Secondary Education (junior high school and high school) using Cambridge and the Indonesian National Curriculum. SDB offers ICAS (International Competition and Assessments for Schools) sponsored by the University of North South Wales, Australia.

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Sekolah Darma Bangsa offers modern air-conditioned classrooms, swimming pool, basketball court, playground, multi-function room, several laboratories, modern ICT labs, and WiFi to provide International academic and non-academic support for students.

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Sekolah Darma Bangsa students have been universally recognized by the Lampung province, nationally and internationally for academic and non-academic achievements. In our view all SDB students are “WINNERS”.

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Hydroponic and Wheat Grass Planting Project

Pada semester satu Tahun Ajaran 2015 – 2016 ini, NTK Darma Bangsa mengadakan kegiatan menanam secara hydroponic dan menanam wheat grass.

Tanaman yang kami tanam secara hydroponic,  yaitu Red Lettuces and Green Lettuces. Masa tanam sampai dengan panen adalah 2 bulan, setiap hari murid – murid merawat tanaman hydroponic hingga panen tiba.

Selain menanam secara hydroponic, murid – murid NTK juga menanam wheat grass. Wheat grass yang kaya manfaat ini ditanam dan dirawat oleh murid – murid NTK Sekolah Darma Bangsa. Hasil panen wheat  grass di jus dan di minum bersama.

Terima kasih kepada para orang tua murid,terutama anggota Board of Parents NTK yang telah membantu anak – anak dalam program hydroponic dan wheat grass planting project ini. Sampai bertemu di planting project berikutnya yaa…..

Written By: Usnul Umi, S.Pd, (Principal of  Preschool and Kindergaten)

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